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Why Peace Matters: The Peaceful Planet Manifesto

Recent articles

“How Love Teaches Our Hardest Lessons” at The Bold Life

“How to Transform Anger into Connection: 10 Tips for Peaceful Words” at GoodLife Zen

“Get Your Eagle Eye On: 10 Tips for Proofreading Your Own Work” at Write to Done

“Basic Composting” at Loving Nature’s Garden

Pet care articles at Examiner.com

Articles on all facets of peaceful, purposeful living at Peaceful Planet

Various articles in PDF format

Medical procedure: “Liver Biopsy-Percutaneous” On About.com  (no longer active as “guide” for men’s health).

“The Andropause Mystery: Interview with Dr. Robert S. Tan, M.D.” About.com article
Part One, Part Two, Part Three

“Hepatitis C: What You Should Know” About.com article
Part One, Part Two

“I Didn’t Want Any More Kids”
Interview with man who chose vasectomy

Great Restaurants, Great Wine Review of seven Philadelphia area restaurants known for excellent dining and some of the best wine cellars in the region (Cuizine Magazine).


“April is the cruelest month: Let’s get in shape!” Fitness article for inline skating newsletter Part one Part two

“Do It Safely, Do It Often” Interview with older fitness enthusiast
Part One, Part Two

Toilet Skills for Skaters Practical advice with humor slant on inline skating site

Short restaurant reviews (“advertorials”)

Dante & Luigi’s Restaurant review

Pirone`s Italian Family Restaurant & Pizzeria Restaurant review

Tulipano Nero Restaurant review


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